E-Mail Clarification Text

ICA Events acts in the capacity of the data controller in relation to personal data contained in this e-mail or those received from you via e-mail sent to us. Such personal data are under the responsibility of ICA Events and may only be processed and transferred in line with the following intended purposes as performance of legal obligations of the company, provision of exhibition services or contacting the company employees or officials in line with any other purposes communicated to you as well as using such information and documents limited to the legitimate business interests of ICA Events. Any kind of use of personal data other than the intended purposes as defined above is deemed to be unlawful.

Personal data contained in your e-mail to be sent to us by replying to this e-mail are collected through the e-mail system and processed in line with the legal basis as provided under the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, Article 5/2-a “explicitly provided under applicable law”, Article 5/2-c “being relevant to or required for execution and performance of a contract”, Article 5/2-ç “fulfillment of legal obligations”, or Article 5/2-f “legitimate interests”. ICA Events hereby assumes that personal data transferred to us by you have been collected in line with applicable legislation and that you have taken all necessary technical and administrative measures in relation to such personal data. Personal data collected as defined above may be transferred to ICA Events’s business partners, suppliers, customers, or legally authorized public institutions and organizations in line with the intended purposes of the relationship between the parties and in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Law No. 6698, Article 8 thereof. You can exercise your rights as defined in Article 11 of the Law No. 6698 regarding your personal data transferred via e-mail to ICA Events as the data controller. For detailed information, please visit our website to see our data privacy policy: https://icaevents.com.tr/en/privacy-policy